11 October 2023

Polymetal International plc discloses the following information regarding certain of its share plans.

In accordance with the Deferred Share Awards plan (“DSA”), the award of shares under the DSA, which were granted in 2019-2022, have vested and were transferred to the Group CEO on 2 October 2023 as presented in the table below:



Number of shares vested

Additional share awards for dividend equivalents

Total amount of shares allotted

Total shareholding of employee following vesting of share award

Vitaly Nesis






The Group CEO have also received a deferred bonus award in shares under the terms of the DSA. The total award of shares is detailed in the schedule below. Under the terms of the DSA, dividend equivalents will be received on vested shares reflecting the value of the dividends which have been paid during the period from the grant date to the vesting date. Dividend equivalents will also be paid as shares to employees. Details of the DSA are disclosed in Polymetal’s Annual Report and Accounts available on the Company’s website at www.polymetalinternational.com



Outstanding shares under 2021 and 2022 DSA (net of issued shares)

Deferred share grant under 2023 DSA

Total number of deferred shares under the DSA

Vitaly Nesis





No consideration is payable for this DSA by the beneficiaries.

Following the allotment of the DSA shares, the total issued share capital of the Company will comprise 515,259,819 Ordinary Shares of US$ 0.03 each. The Company holds 41,614,678 Ordinary Shares in treasury, which do not enjoy any voting or economic rights. Therefore, the total number of voting rights in the Company is 473,645,141.

The above figure of 473,645,141 Ordinary Shares may be used by shareholders (and others with notification obligations) as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change in their interest in, Polymetal under the Rule MDR3.3 of the AIX Market Disclosure Rules.

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