Procurement activities

Group Companies in Kazakhstan

To register in the database as a potential supplier of the Group Companies operated in other jurisdictions, submit an application at “Become a Supplier”.

Procurement process for goods and materials, works and services may be either public or restricted.

Any entity may participate in public procurement process, while a restricted process involves specially invited entities only. Decision on the type of the procurement process is within the remit of the Group Companies.

Group Companies have implemented appropriate policies and procedures to ensure full and timely supply of goods and materials, works and services, along with enhancing procurement procedures and effectiveness, as well as procurement process transparency. The policies and procedures are based on applicable laws depending on the region of Group Companies’ operation, and international procurement-related practice.

Main principles of the Group’s procurement activities:

  • Principle of technological process continuity. Best efforts are employed to provide subsidiaries with necessary goods and services in a consistent manner without any downtime or emergencies.
  • Principle of interaction. Throughout all stages of procurement, production services and purchasing departments work closely together to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Principle of commercial efficiency. Required properties of purchased goods and services are fairly considered by the supply functions to contribute to minimizing procurement costs.
  • Principle of partnership. Relations with suppliers and contractors are built on a long-term and mutually beneficial basis.
  • Principle of competitiveness and openness. Suppliers and contractors are selected under free competition terms, given they meet necessary requirements to their reliability and security. Maximum outreach of the purchased goods and rendered services market is provided when selecting suppliers and contractors.
  • Principle of centralization and decentralization. Centralized approach is taken to purchase group of product where it ’is economically feasible while strengthening relations with regional suppliers at local operations.
  • Principle of reasonable control. Ongoing internal and external control activities are carried out comprising analysis of timeliness of corporate customers’ request execution, offered prices, quality of purchased products and rendered services, reliability of suppliers and contractors, and potential risks.
  • Principle of procurement activity standardization. Aiming to deliver utmost transparency of the procurement process procurement activities are generally performed through the appropriate electronic trading platforms.

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