• About Solidcore
    Solidcore Resources is a leading precious metals mining group operating in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia.
    • At a glance
      Information about asset portfolio, operating and financial performance, corporate governance, social responsibility. Key highlights.
      • Our leadership
        Our leadership. Information about positions, dates of appointment, experience and qualifications.
    • Market review
      Key facts and prices for precious metals. Survey of supply and demand for gold, silver, platinum group metals. Features of global production, stocks and market trends.
    • Strategy and business model
      • Key goals and Strategy
        Strategic goals: robust performance, delivering growth, securing the future, governance and sustainability.
      • Strategy: risks, KPIs and focus
        Results of applying the company strategy over the past period, key growth indicators. Strategic goals for the coming year.
      • Business model
        Key areas of the company's activities: focus on high-grade assets, strong capital discipline, investment in exploration, hub-based system, exemplary governance, operational excellence.
      • Value creation
        Value creation for stakeholders: shareholders, employees, communities, government, suppliers, other capital providers.
      • Mining lifecycle
        An overview of key stages of the production cycle: exploration, development, mining ore, logistics, processing, selling, mining closure.
    • Corporate governance
      General information about key principles, board structure, board of directors, board committees, corporate documents. Contacts of the corporate secretary.
      • Board of directors
        Board of directors. Board members. Information on positions, dates of appointment, previous experience, qualifications and other roles.
      • Board framework
        Solidcore Resources is compliant with the UK Corporate Governance Code, all applicable regulations of the Moscow Stock Exchange and Russian securities laws.
      • Board structure
        The Company’s Board comprises the non-executive Chairman, one executive Director, and seven non-executive Directors. Information about board independence, board diversity, board skills. General information on the procedure and conditions for the appointment of directors.
      • Board roles
        The Board has approved the division of responsibilities between the Chair and the Group CEO and defined the role of The Senior Board Independent Director.
      • Committees
        Information on the responsibilities and composition of the Audit and Risk Committee, the Nomination Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Safety and Sustainability Committee.
      • Culture, purpose and values
        Our purpose. Corporate culture. Growth through innovation. A learning company. Shared corporate culture and its continuous process.
  • Our Assets
    Solidcore is a leading gold and silver producer. The company's assets include 9 producing companies and 3 major development projects across Russia and Kazakhstan.
    • Where we operate
      Interactive map of the assets, hubs, mining and processing companies, offices of the company in Russia and Kazakhstan.
      • Kyzyl
        Flagship project of the company — Kyzyl: key facts and numbers, location, history, operations, reserves and resources, exploration, documents, contacts.
      • Varvara hub
        Large modern processing centre with long-life open-pittable resources and the capacity to process third-party feed — Varvara hub. Location, history, geology and mineralisation, operations, reserves and resources, exploration.
    • Growth projects
      Interactive map of the development projects, undeveloped primary deposits, exploration projects and competence centers in Russia and Kazakhstan.
      • Ertis POX
        Ertis POX is Kazakhstan's first large-scale and high-tech full-cycle pressure oxidation plant for refractory ore processing based on Solidcore assets in the country.
    • Exploration joint venture
      Solidcore is pursuing grassroots, greenfield exploration through joint ventures with junior explorers in order to access promising, untested mineral properties for a reasonable price.
      • Baksy
        Location: North Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan. The geo-structural and metallogenic setting of the Baksinsky area is very typical for the known large gold-rich copper-porphyry objects.
      • Apply to participate
        What do we look for in joint venture exploration projects? Target metals. Is a subsoil use license required? When to apply. Submissions format.
    • Reserves and Resources
      Description and assessment of mineral resources and ore reserves of assets. Breakdown by assets.
  • Investors and Media
    Information for investors, shareholders and journalists. News, financial indicators, reports, contacts, media library. Tools for investors.
    • News and media
      News and press releases: results, appointments, reports, notifications. Information about upcoming events. Subscription to news.
      • Press releases
        Actual publications and archive of press releases since 2007. Notifications, announcements, results.
      • Events calendar
        Information on events for investors for the next year. Add company event to calendar. Materials of past events.
      • Gallery
        Photo and video materials about the extraction and production of precious metals, events for shareholders with the possibility of export.
    • Reports and results
      • Latest results
        Highlights, financial and production results. Production by mine. Related materials with the possibility of export.
      • Results centre
        Actual annual, financial and production reporting of the company, reserves and resources, results. Archive of results since 2005.
      • Financial highlights
        Financial highlights: key numbers, income statement, balance sheet, statement of cashflows.
      • KPI progress
        Financial KPIs (revenue, total cash cost, EBIDTA etc.), operating KPIs, sustainability KPIs.
      • Annual reports
        Solidcore Resources annual reports in pdf format with the possibility of export. Report archive since 2004.
      • Custom report
        Interactive reporting tool for a certain period with the possibility to select sections of interest for export in ZIP format.
      • Presentations & webcasts
        Presentations of preliminary and financial results. Presentations for investors. ESG presentations. Webcasts. Archive of materials since 2012.
    • Shareholder centre
      • Stock chart
        Share graph, Investment calculator, Share price look-up. Volume of transactions with shares, dynamics for the period.
      • Share information
        Trading information about the shares of Solidcore Resources. American Depositary Receipts (ADR).
      • Shareholder structure
        Trading information about the shares of Solidcore Resources. Documents related to the issue and large blocks of shares since 2009.
      • General meetings
        Actual information about the general meetings of shareholders of the company. Archive of meetings since 2012. Collection of materials with export options.
      • Shareholder FAQs
        Shareholder FAQs. How to buy shares? In what currencies are dividend payments made? Is Solidcore part of any indexes?
    • Corporate disclosures
      Documentation related to the activities of Solidcore: annual and sustainability reports, corporate documents, regulatory disclosures, ESG documentation.
      • Standards and policies
        Documents related to the activities of the Board of Directors: Code of Conduit, Articles of Association, Terms of Reference. Policies and standards.
      • Regulatory disclosures
        Solidcore regulatory disclosures: press releases, publication of reports on payments to governments by year, tax strategies.
      • Annual and sustainability reports
        Annual and sustainability reports for the entire period of the Solidcore company in pdf format with the possibility of export.
      • Corporate social responsibility
        Documents related to sustainability, ecology, safety and health. Documents related to ESG activities.
      • Other documents
        Acquisition of Altynalmas Gold LTD. The public offering of shares on the LSE. Other documents.
    • IR and Media contacts
      Contacts of authorised representatives of the company for investors and the media. Representatives in St. Petersburg and London. Corporate brokers. Press Secretary.
  • Sustainability
    Priority areas of company development: safety, ecology, communities, employees, corporate governance. Key indicators. News.
    • Management approach
      The company's approach to sustainable development. Сompany values: compliance, effectiveness, stewardship, dialogue, ethical conduct, fairness. Business ethics.
    • Our progress
      • Data center
        Social reports, news in the field of sustainable development. Documents: policies, presentations and data.
      • Green and Sustainable Finance
        Solidcore uses sustainable financial instruments such as green loans and ESG-linked loans to ensure responsible financing which aligns capital with the company’s strategy and strong ESG performance.
      • Our stories
        Usage of new technologies, investments in local infrastructure, environmental initiatives — the history of positive changes.
      • Indices and awards
        The company repeatedly received awards and was included in the lists of the best companies in different areas of activity. Contests, ratings, indexes.
    • Health and Safety
      Company Health and Safety Policy. Responsible for safety. Risk management, accidents at work, involvement and training of employees.
    • Environment
      The scheme of management of ecological responsibility. Initiatives of the company in the field of energy saving, environmental cleanliness, biodiversity conservation.
    • Employees
      Scheme of personnel service management. Number and composition of employees. Education and development. Employee relations.
    • Communities
      Support of the local population. Social responsibility. Investments in the social sphere. Socio-economic contribution. Security.
    • ESG FAQs
      ESG FAQs. Social and environmental impacts. ESG scores. Tailings dam accidents. Climate risks.
  • Career
    Work in the company: geography, opportunities. Vacancies. Proposal for young specialists. Feedback form.
  • Suppliers
    • Procurement activities
      Basic principles of the company’s procurement policy: principle of technological process continuity, principle of interaction, principle of commercial efficiency and others.
    • Become a Supplier
      Solidcore collects basic information about Suppliers of Goods and Services for inclusion in the list of potential Suppliers. You can register in the company database for future communications.
    • Questionnaire on sustainable development
    • Contacts for suppliers
      You can contact us using the feedback form. We consider all appeals. If it is related to the provision of goods or services, you will be contacted in case of interest.
  • Contacts
    Headquarters. Limassol Office (Cyprus), Jersey, London (UK), Astana (Kazakhstan), St. Petersburg Office (Russia).
    • Investors and media
      Contacts for Investors and Media.
    • Sustainable Development
      Contacts of the Director for Sustainable Development.
    • Corporate Governance
      Contacts Director of Corporate Governance.
    • Career
      Solidcore is a young and dynamically developing company, If you want to join the team of professionals of Solidcore Resources, please send your CV to
    • Commercial proposals
      Contacts for Commercial Proposals.
    • Anti-corruption
      Contacts of the Anti-Corruption Department. Solidcore Resources, Solidcore Group companies Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • Re-domiciliation
    Information for investors, shareholders and journalists. News, financial indicators, reports, contacts, media library. Tools for investors.

You are downloading Integrated Annual Report . Please note that some ESG data are available in Sustainability Performance Data 2021 (GRI and SASB) that outlines our key non‑financial performance information for financial year 2021. While the selected annual report is being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the Sustainability Report. It provides detailed information on ESG indicators.

While the selected files are being downloaded, we want to draw your attention to the reports on the sustainable development of the company. They provide detailed information on ESG indicators.

You can also download historical data on sustainable development.