20 May 2024

Polymetal International plc (the “Company”) announces its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”), which will be held on 11 June 2024 at 3 p.m. Astana time at Hall Tulpar, The St. Regis Hotel, 1 Qabanbay Batyr Avenue, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The following documents have been made available to shareholders on 20 May 2024:

  • Notice of Annual General Meeting (“Notice”);

  • Form of Proxy;

  • The Company’s Annual Report and Financial Statements for the years ended 31 December 2023; and

  • Independent auditor’s report.

Copies of all the above documents are available on the Company's website at https://www.polymetalinternational.com/en/investors-and-media/shareholder-centre/general-meetings/

Among other resolutions which could be found in the Notice, the Company would like to draw shareholders’ attention to the resolutions on change of name and dividends (resolutions 3 and 14).

Change of Name

Further to the divestment of the OFAC-sanctioned Russian business, which retained its name of JSC Polymetal, the Company believes it is advisable to change its name and seeks shareholder approval of the new name Solidcore Resources plc.


The divestment of the Russian business resulted in significant de-leveraging of the Group and increase in liquidity. However, the Company needs to invest in excess of US$ 1 billion over the medium term in projects in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, most notably the new Ertis POX, and M&A activities in order to achieve its ambitious long-term growth plans, while the geopolitical and macroeconomic environment remains challenging and the access to major sources of debt funding has not been restored yet. In light of this, the Board recommends no payment of dividends for the year ended on 31 December 2023.

Further Information

The Company, pursuant to article 198(b) of the Articles, specifies that only those persons entered on the register of members of the Company as at 3 p.m. (Astana time) on 24 May 2024 (or, if the AGM is adjourned, 48 hours prior to the time fixed for the adjourned AGM) shall be entitled to attend or vote at the AGM in respect of the number of Ordinary Shares registered in their name at that time.

Individual investors holding interests in the Company via a corporate shareholder (such as an investor share platform or financial institution), should consult the relevant platform or financial institution to determine what processes are in place to allow the individual shareholders to exercise their voting rights.

Further details of the ways to vote can be found in the Notice.

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